About S: Store Locator

Highlight Features

1. Unlimited store locations

Add unlimited locations (your own stores/your dealer's stores) to store locator map, this will help customers select from all the locations.

2. Powerful & useful features

Bulk upload locations with a CSV file/spreadsheet, add location detail page, connect products, add meta tags, tracking code, heat-map view

3. Bring customers to store

Easily search for stores by location/postcode/store name/product name and show physical locations of your stores on store locator map.

Add app: https://apps.shopify.com/storeify-store-locator

What is Store Locator & Map?

Our Store Locator app will help you show all your physical stores on a single page on your Shopify website. Use Google maps to display store locations with exact addresses to make the shopping process as easy as it can be. With our app, you can add an unlimited number of store addresses that will be conveniently displayed and ordered as per your personal preferences.

App Features

Storeify Store Locator App Key Features

  • Search store by location/postcode/store name/product name

  • Bulk import store locations by uploading CSV file

  • Change store locator page layout, map style, maker icon, etc

  • Detail page and a contact form for each store/dealer

  • Create a Dealer registration form & submission report

  • Email service integrations

  • Add your store a sticky icon to open store locator pop-up everywhere

  • Search Analytics: Heatmap recent searches view, area charts, search data download

  • Show the store list in a city by shortcode

  • Multi-language (It is not possible to automatically switch the language for the store name or store url in the location list) - Available from Pro plan

Other Storeify Store Locator App Features


  • Create and manage multiple store locations

  • Quick setup for a store locator/dealer locator page

  • Show the Store locator map to any page via an embedded code

  • Use Google maps to display store locations with exact store location addresses

  • Unlimited locations: You can add an unlimited number of stores to the "Our Stores" page

  • Add Marker clusters to Google Map

  • Use many different maker icons (How to do)

  • For each store, you can add information like name, phone number, e-mail address, store address, postcode, ZIP code, etc

  • Automatically calculate longitude and latitude from the store address

  • The "Sort Order" field will help you arrange the stores in a specific order

  • Upload store thumbnail

  • Bulk import stores

  • Export stores

  • Delete all store locations with a click

  • Contact form for each store

  • Store detail page: show store description, contact information, hours of operation, and can show selected store products

  • Set up SMTP to use your own email server

  • Translate the language on the store locator page

  • Compatible with multi-language apps (eg: Translation Lab, Langify...)

  • Custom CSS, change color & map style.


  • Easy to find a store by location/postcode/store name/product name

  • Quickly Search the Nearest Store: your customers can use the function “Use My Location” feature that can automatically identify the customer's location then suggest stores are located within the radius that has been set

  • Google Map Suggestion: Your customers just need to enter a few characters, then all relevant suggestions will come up in an auto-drop down list

  • View full store list with custom pin icon on Google Maps

  • Get instant directions from a location to any stores/dealers

  • Mouse hover event on location highlights a maker on the map

  • Easy to contact each store directly via address, phone, email address, or quick contact form.

Add app: https://apps.shopify.com/storeify-store-locator

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