Summary of frequently asked questions

Why does the map show the message: "This page can't load Google Maps correctly"?

A common cause of this problem is related to billing. To solve the problem you need to enable billing on the Google Cloud Project at https://console.cloud.google.com/project/_/billing/enable
Don't worry about the cost when using Google Maps service, currently Google is still free $200/month for each account.

Why does the map show the message: "Oops! Something went wrong."?

The main cause of your problem has to do with the Store Locator page url not being authorized with Google MAP Service. You need to add this url to the Google Maps API Referrer list according to the following instructions: https://sl-guide.storeify.app/google-map-api-key/security-for-api-keys

Why is the short-code added to the page but the map is not showing?

You may not have set up to allow the map to be displayed on the landing page.
Please go to Settings -> Optimize -> Load app on -> Select the type of page you want the map to display
If following the above method and the map still does not appear, then there is a possibility that there is a conflict between the theme and the app, please contact us to get the best support.

I have just changed my store theme and the Store Locator map doesn't work anymore

In this case, you just need to go to Settings -> click the Save button, the app will apply to the new theme.