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Store Locator Settings

The Settings section is where you enable app, set the necessary properties and customizations for the Store Locator page.


Here you need to enter the Google Map API Key to activate the map.
We recommend that you create your own Google API Key to ensure that the app works properly and smoothly (About 5 minutes to complete this).
In addition, you can also set the store listing display, sort order type, search method, search radius, map zoom, etc.

Map styles

In this tab, you enable the cluster map maker, upload the maker icon, choose the map style, and customize the map interface with CSS code.


Default language is English, you can translate to any language in this tab.


In this tab, you set the email content to be sent to the store admin when customers contact via Contact Form.


Customize page title, page description for SEO optimization and embed the access tracking code.


In some cases, you just want all of the Store locator source code to be called only on a specific page (including CSS and JS files), go to the Optimize tab and enter the URL Key of the page.
For example, the url of the store locator page is "" then the URL Key will be "store-locator".